Progress of Commandments

Matthew 19:16-26 It is interesting to note the progression of the commandments that the Savior notes here in the conversation with the Rich young ruler. They are listed here in order of grossest offense to most exalted behavior. Thou shalt do no murder Thou shalt not commit adultery Thou shalt not steal Thou shalt not […]

Old Testament, Lesson 1 “This Is My Work and My Glory”

Moses 1, Gospel Doctrine Manual: OT Lesson 1 I’m preparing by reviewing notes that I have personally taken on Moses 1:   As a point of clarification, point out that it is Jehovah that is speaking the words of the Father to Moses in these verses. To Print: Class members should understand that Jehovah, […]

Gratitude and Humility: Two Sides of the Same Key

Through a series of thoughts that culminated in a family home evening lesson last evening, I am brought to consider the two-sided key, or two-sided coin, of gratitude and humility. I say two-side because, on comparing the definitions, they are the same thing only in different contexts. Here’s how I’m defining the two terms: Gratitude […]


What words do you hear in the word gratitude? Attitude and grateful. President Joseph F. Smith said that ingratitude is the great sin of our day. Gratitude is to expressly acknowledge God’s blessing in our lives. When I’m reading scriptures, I like to look for the promised blessings and then assess whether or not I […]

God’s Love

An interesting dynamic was observed yesterday as I was fasting and praying about my own children as a group. I noticed that when my children choose to listen to and obey what I ask them to do, they feel happier and they tell me that they love me. On the contrary, those that push against […]


When you CHOOSE to Disconnect from social media, video, music, and gaming influences: You OPEN yourself up to be influenced by Peace, Harmony, Humility, Love, Kindness, Joy, Self Worth, Accomplishment, Esteem, Self Respect, and more. Try It! The challenge: go one month without media influences. Focus on creation and what you can do with your […]