“Prosper in the Land”

Alma 48:11-25 I appreciate the simplicity of the statements on prosperity found in this chapter. These verse give so much understand into our perspectives on faith and prosperity. The Nephite nation was reluctant to go to war against their brethren, yet they understood that it was better to defend themselves than to permit themselves to […]

“Moroni, On the Other Hand, Had Been Preparing”

Alma 48:1-11 I have been tempted as of late to dwell perhaps a little too much on the agenda of the anti-industrialists, assuming that much of today’s maladies are the result of technology and industrialization. I know deep down inside that this is not so, but rather it is man’s abuses of any age that […]

“By His Fraud, Gained the Hearts of the People”

Alma 47 Amalickiah understood the importance of deceiving the people or gaining their favor in order to complete he power grab. How different this is from King Benjamin, who also required a lifetime of work to pursue the opposite direction. King Benjamin was not a power grab, but rather a humble acknowledgement of duty that […]

–Que mantendrán sus derechos y su religión, para que el Señor Dios los bendiga–

Alma 46:19-20 Moroni animó a los de pueblo a hacer convenio para mantener sus derechos y religión, con el fin de que el Señor los bendijera. O sea, el Señor puede bendecir mejor los que mantengan la libertad, sus derechos y religión.

“Many Plants and Roots Which God Had Prepared”

Alma 46:38-41 The bulk of these verses talks about the peaceful passing of many with their faith firmly intact. There is an interesting side thought that gives insights into how it was that so many died of just old age. (vs. 41) Verse 40 talks about how because of the “many plants and roots which […]