–Los obligaron a [trabajar]–

Alma 53 Yo sé que las escrituras habla de como fue más fácil vigilar sobre los prisioneros mientras que trabajaron. Pues Moroni se vio obligado a hacer que los lamanitas trabajaran porque era fácil vigilarlos mientras trabajaban; Versículo 5 En esta ocasión, sin embargo, me estoy reflexionado sobre los tipos de trabajos que obligaron cumplir […]

Men of Truth and Soberness… Taught to Keep the Commandments of God

Alma 53 This is the part of the Gospel of Christ that I do not understand, I do not know it. I don’t know how a group of converts to the Church can effectively teach their children principles that would cause their young men to be “men of truth and soberness”. This thing seems nearly […]

April 2019 General Conference Notes

Saturday Morning Session Pre-thoughts: This morning I thought about the central role of the repentance process in my personal conversion to the Gospel of Christ, His atonement, Priesthood Authority, and so forth. Because repentance works, I have few other questions or issues with the general march and progress of the Church and its leadership. Elder […]